Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sitting alone with your Self

"No one can see their reflection in running water. It is only in the still water we can see." - The Wisdom of the Taoists

The other day, I rode in the car on my way to see clients with no radio- just my thoughts. I've been doing it a lot more lately and I'm finding a sense of clarity. I used to hate to hear silence. It always made me think that something was about to happen because I was used to hearing a lot of noise. Silence made me uncomfortable. As I get older, I understand that there is something valuable about sitting alone with your Self. All of the noise and clutter around me was like going on a first date to the movies- you never get to concentrate on getting to know one another because you are focused on the distraction purposely set there between the two of you.

How often do you set aside time to sit alone and get to know yourself. It's a scary thought, but if more of us did so, we would have to be honest about who we really are. The internet is full of personality tests, career tests, tests that tell you who the perfect mate would be for you. The reality of taking those tests are that we sometimes fudge on how we would really answer those questions. We answer those questions based on how we would like to see ourselves, not always based on who we truly are. Then we continue to walk around in this fog of who we would like to be and risk hurt, rejection, and unnecessary disappointments that we inflict on ourselves. Why? Because we don't spend time alone with our Self to understand who we truly are.

Today's challenge:

Take time out to get to know your Self. Go to the movies alone. Go to dinner alone. Understand that you may experience discomfort you may feel being alone with your Self. Find peace with being alone to think clearly and become honest with yourself about who you truly are.

Peace and Blessings


  1. Tamara Gurrrlll...I so feel this right now. The need to be silent and reflect has been prevalent for me and many I have communicated with lately. I just posted some stuff on my Facebook notes about Mercury in Retrograde-very confirmational as is your post. I had to go through technical difficulty even to make this comment:) Anyway, accepting your challenge RIGHT NOW-despite the resistance that I, and many others I have spoken to, have been experiencing. There is an energy shift happening now, and I believe, it is more important now than ever that we reflect and prepare. Thanks, and Write On Sister!

  2. I'm so glad that this is for you! I share the things that I'm going through and it's nice to know that people understand.