Friday, June 17, 2011

What's your purpose?

My grandmother used to say that there is a season and a purpose for everything. I get it now. To understand the importance of walking in one's purpose is a huge challenge. It involves you being uncomfortable for a little while and understanding why you are here on Earth.

Each of us has a purpose. There is reason and purpose for our lives. We are all spiritually connected and the sooner we figure that out, the better.

I've been in the midst of a storm for at least a year now. Just recently, I've gained the clarity that I've been praying for. I now see that God had to lead me through some things to prepare me for what was in store. I also had to see my way to understanding my purpose.

I'm a dreamer and I sometimes miss the point that is right in front of me. I'm also a planner and I tend to plan things to the point where I may miss taking the first steps when God wants me to. So now I'm at the point where He has dropped it all right in my lap, and the light bulb has finally come on. My husband pointed out to me that I was struggling with some of the ideas that I had because they were not aligned in my purpose. Things finally got to the point where God had to give me a wake up call by leading me by my hand to the place where I needed to be, only for me to recognize that I had used my talents before in the same way because it's what I'm good at.

Your challenge:

What is it that you do that people always ask you to do? Recognize your talents and use them regularly. When we use our talents, we are a blessing to others and we walk in our divine purpose.

Peace and Blessings

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